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🏫Fulton County Schools will begin Monday, August 12. Students and teachers, have a wonderful school year!

🌅Pool News. The pool will remain open into September weather permitting.

🚗 Please review the River Falls Parking and Road expectations mailed to each homeowner in July. Fines will be issued for non-compliance.

🏊‍Safety First! Please ensure that children at the pool have an adult of at least 16 years old supervising them.

📆 Mark your calendars! The next social will be an End of Summer Party on September 21. More details to follow.


From your neighborhood HOA and Heritage Property Management.

From your neighborhood HOA and Heritage Property Management.


If you are looking for somewhere to watch fireworks, there are several firework displays nearby.

  • July 3. Newtown Park, Old Alabama Rd, John’s Creek, 30022 from 6:00-10:00 PM. Food Trucks and alcoholic beverages available for purchase. Bring your picnic blanket and lawnchairs.

  • July 4. Roswell High School, 11595 King Road, Roswell 30075 activities and food available from 5:30 PM. onwards. Bring a picnic blanket and lawnchairs. No alcohol, drugs, or firearms allowed on the premises. Fireworks start at around 9:30 PM.

🏡New Neighbors

Please welcome to our neighborhood the following new neighbor…

  • Azur Osmanbasic, 710 Falling Rocks Ct.

📝 Friendly Reminders

  • Please read and observe the River Falls Parking and Street Rules and Regulations. All homeowners should have received this in the mail recently. If you did not, please contact Jennifer Carter at Heritage.

  • Complaints have been received that some homeowners are allowing their four legged family member to leave deposits on neighbors lawns. As a courtesy to your neighbor, please pick up after your dog.

  • Please remember to contact Heather Wallace on the Architectural Standards Committee before starting any exterior work or landscaping changes on your property.

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Spring Flowers.jpeg

April Showers Bring May Flowers

🏡 HOA Annual General Meeting

Join us on Tuesday, May 7, 2019 at 5:30 for our Annual General Meeting at East Roswell Community Center (in East Roswell Park), in the Community Room at 9000 Fouts Road, Roswell, GA 30076. Mayor Lori Henry will speak to our community at 5:30 PM about her upcoming plans for the Roswell area. Our Annual General Meeting will start at 6:30 PM. Hope you can make it.

Thanks to all the neighbors who turned out for the Annual General Meeting.

🎓Congratulations River Falls High School Graduates!

Congratulations to those High School students who will be graduating later this month.

Sarah Ahmed

Troy D. Johnson

Carson Kinnett

🏡New Neighbors

Please welcome to our neighborhood the following new neighbors…

Anthony & Nikita Flynn - 2015 River Falls Drive

Jonathan Razza - 630 River Falls Court

🎉Social News

Next Social will be June 1 at the pool at 6 PM. It should be fun! Please look in your inbox for more information about this event.

🏊 At the Pool

The Board are pleased to report that the minor repairs to the pool and to the stucco retaining walls are finished. The pool will be ready to open on May 11!

🚙 On the Roads

Despite repeated reminders cars continue to speed through our neighborhood and/or run STOP signs. Please remind your visitors or service people that this not a safe practice. The Board are beginning to take down license plate numbers and issuing fines to repeat offenders.

🐶 Safety and Consideration

This is a second reminder. As a courtesy to others, please remember to pick up after your four legged family member both within our neighborhood and on the grassy areas just outside the gate.

Many thanks to you all for helping us spread these reminders and continuing to contribute toward our lovely neighborhood.

As Winter turns to Spring- A few friendly reminders

RF Spring News.jpg

As Winter Turns to Spring, a few friendly reminders…

🏡New Neighbors

Please welcome to our neighborhood the following new neighbors…

Marc Budnic 940 Renaissance Way

Mary and Preston Duckett 650 River Falls Ct.

Limei Hou and Ethan Lee 620 River Falls Ct.

Jerelyn Marsh 915 Renaissance Way

🎉Social News

  • River Falls Ladies Lunch Bunch, Thursday March 28 at 1 PM, The Big Ketch, 1105 Canton Street. Please RSVP to Barbara Bradley below.

  • Book Club. Our book club has met three times and would love more members. We have been meeting during the day, but are open to meeting in the evening, if that is more convenient. Please contact Heather Wallace, 678-361-0009, or Joanne Burgess, 678-795-1825, if you are interested or would like to know more details.

📖resident directory

We are in the process of updating the resident directory. Please click on the Resident Directory link below and check that your contact information contained there is correct. If you need any changes made, please call Judy Price, 404-394-8235. Thank you. We hope to deliver a paper copy of the directory to each household in the next couple of weeks.

🏊 At the Pool

The Board are in the process on taking care of some minor repairs to the pool and to the stucco retaining walls in readiness for the coming season.

A few friendly reminders as the weather gets warmer…

🚙 On the Roads

Several cars have been observed either speeding through our neighborhood and/or running STOP signs. Please help to keep everyone safe by coming to a full stop at the stop signs and observing the posted speed limits. With the warm weather approaching there will be kids out riding bikes, walking to the pool and playing. Rolling through stop signs is not considered a safe stop. 

🚶🐶 Safety and Consideration

As a courtesy to others, please remember to pick up after your four legged family member both within our neighborhood and on the grassy areas just outside the gate. Also, please ensure the pedestrian gates are not propped open so we can keep our neighborhood safe. If you need the pedestrian gate code, please contact us.

Many thanks to you all for helping us spread these reminders and continue to contribute toward a safe neighborhood for our children.

PLEASE Read : Important Final Notice on Street Violations



We have repeatedly sent out newsletters and physical letters and warnings detailing the rules of the roads in our neighborhood and we STILL have violations regularly.

We are cracking down on residents who continue to break the following rules :
- Street parking
- Not stopping at posted stop signs
- Speeding


PLEASE drive safely and follow these very simple rules.


    • Please come to a complete stop at the stop signs. Rolling through is not considered a safe option especially with the kids out playing and walking in the neighborhood.

    • Anyone who violates this regulation will receive a fine. We have made a commitment to the City of Roswell's emergency services as well as USPS to keep the roads clear for emergencies and mail delivery. Please abide by the regulations. 

    • If you need long term parking for yourself or a guest which cannot be accommodated in your driveway or garage please contact our property manager to arrange long term parking at the pool.

    • Towing WILL OCCUR after warnings have been issued. Fines WILL BE ISSUED (AND HAVE BEEN ISSUED) for violations of speeding and ignoring stop signs.


    • The first offense : $100 fine
    • The second offense : $150 fine
    • The 3rd offense: $200 fine
    • For parking violations towing will occur after a warning has been issued.


Guests of residents will not be excluded from these fines.

Any guest who fails to follow the speed and street rules in our neighborhood will prompt fines being levied against the homeowner they are visiting. Please ask your guests to drive safely in our community.

If you have teenage drivers in your home please remind them to slow down and come to complete stops as well. 

Trash Pickup During Road Work



The city is going to have River Falls as the very first trash pick up on both Tuesdays (Aug 14th and 21st), at 7:30AM.

The road contractor has been asked to wait to start work until 8:30-9AM to allow trash pick ups to happen before they begin work on both of these dates. This way all trash should be able to be picked up.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our property manager, Jennifer Carter at

Street Repaving : Project Details

To: All Home Owners and Residents of Riverfalls 

From: Heritage Construction and Maintenance Company (HCMC)

Subject: Riverfalls Street Repaving Project 2018 – Preliminary Notification

Date: 7/6/18

Riverfalls Homeowners Association of Roswell have contracted with HCMC to develop and manage a repaving project throughout your neighborhood.

The road surfaces within your neighborhood are experiencing significant cracking and deterioration as a result of age and wear and tear. The HOA are conscious that repairs should be made now to prevent a worsening situation. Working with an Engineering Consultant and HCMC since last year, the HOA Board have chosen a course which will provide a cost effective yet long term solution, which maintains the infrastructure of the community and therefore your home values.

We are currently finalizing details of a contract which we anticipate will see a 6 – 10 business day long project beginning August 13th 2018. This date is tentative and subject to change if weather or other conditions require it.

We will provide more details as we near the date, but here are a few points I would like you all to keep in mind:

  • Heavy equipment and trucks will be in the community, creating noise, dust and smells – working with asphalt is messy!
  • You should expect traffic disruption, lane closures, and possibly the need to park away from your home. 
  • Please plan ahead, giving consideration to moving dates, projects at your home, deliveries, visitors or special needs.
  • It is inevitable that you will be inconvenienced from time to time, but we will seek to minimize this.
  • Your collective cooperation and patience will help contribute to a speedy and successful project.

There will be an Engineer on site throughout, providing technical and quality control. HCMC will oversee the project, working with the Contractor, Engineer and HOA. 

Again, this is a preliminary notification, and more details will follow. Should you have questions or concerns, please contact the HCMC Project Manager, Mike Foxley, at 404 993 8408.

Mike Foxle
Project Manager

Gate Access 2018

Dear River Falls Residents,

In an effort to improve security in the community, we are performing an audit of the gate call box and all homeowner personal access codes.  The current access codes will be changed starting on July 16th, 2018. 

The old codes will be deleted on this date, and will no longer work.  Each owner will receive a random code prior to July 16th, and that code will be mailed directly to each owner.   Unfortunately, we will not be able to take requests for access code numbers.   

If you have any questions, please email the community association manager, Jennifer Carter at

Thank you,

River Falls HOA, Board of Directors.

Annual Board Meeting : Important Information!

Hello River Falls Homeowners,

This is just a friendly reminder that our annual HOA meeting will take place on Monday, April 23, 2018, at the East Roswell Park Community Center.  

Annual Meeting

This is a very important meeting as we will discuss several topics that will impact everyone including:

1- Current Financials
2- Capital Reserve Funds and upcoming projects (paving the entire subdivision)
3- Election of board members/ the future status of the HOA board
4- Dues and Special Assessments

The annual meeting notice, proxy and nomination form will be mailed to each homeowner, but you may also print them by clicking on the links.

Your input, questions, and concerns are welcomed and valued. We look forward to your attendance and participation.

Light refreshments will be served!

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